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Welcome to Persian River Rug Cleaning, an Orlando Rug Cleaning Company That Services Orlando and Surrounding Areas

Urine and Odor Removing Experts. Guaranteed Odor Removal or its Free!

Persian River Rug Cleaning is the Orlando rug cleaning company to call! Come to us for all your rug cleaning needs. We gently clean your beautiful, delicate oriental rugs. Did you haggle hard for your oriental rug on your last trip to the middle east?  Why not give it the care it deserves?  We provide an efficient, timely service to you. Customer care is the core of our philosophy. We aim for excellence in all that we do. The benefits of a clean area rug cannot be overstated. A clean home is a healthy home. This is scientifically proven. A clean rug is the place to start.

A dirty rug can contain pollutants, dander, allergens, and just plain old dirt. Vacuuming is not always enough to remove these potential health hazards. Pollutants, dander, allergens, and dirt can become airborne by simply walking across your carpet. Our deep cleaning service kills most bacteria that remains embedded deep within the rug. There are several health hazards that can stem from an unclean rug. One potential hazard is dust mites. Dusts mites can aggravate allergies. Mold and mildew is another common problem. These occur in humid or damp environments. Central Florida is known for this! Mold can be damaging to your health. If you are susceptible to mold, it should be removed.

The right kind of treatment is important. With our professional Oriental Rug Cleaning Service, these problems can be solved. This is the start in making your home a cleaner and safer environment. We take great pride in offering these services to you. As an Orlando rug cleaning company, we service Orlando and the surrounding areas. Why not call us now for an estimate?

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