About Us

About Us

The owner, Deland Moghimi, is a second generation area rug cleaner…Kind of.

We say that with a little “tongue in cheek”.

RugCleaners2GenerationYou see, Deland’s father is from Iran. One day he asked his Father, “Hey Dad, when you were in Iran did you ever clean any area rugs?” His father responded “Yes I did. We used to take our rugs out on the sloped drive-way, put laundry detergent on them and hose them down. We even took a metal bowl and slid it across the rugs to squeegee the water out of them after we were done washing them and threw them over the fence to dry.”

So he says he’s a second generation area rug cleaner based off the fact that his dad cleaned a few rugs over the years in Iran. 🙂

“A cool story my dad told me,” Deland said, “was when at certain times of the year, closer to the Iranian New Years, you would hear people walking down the street yelling so all can hear ‘WE CLEAN AREA RUGS’ and those guys would get rugs from people, go down to the river and clean them. When they clean rugs in the river It is considered to be ‘Kosher’ for religious reasons because it makes the rugs Religiously Clean or in other words ‘Kosher’.”

Perfect Pear FamilyDeland and his family love being in the area rug cleaning business, “What a great life! The ability to look at beautiful and expertly woven pieces with all assortments of colors all day long. Making something that once was dirty and full of urine turned into a clean majestic statement once again that a customer can enjoy in their home. Most of the times these rugs have sentimental value. They may have toured in the military or traveled over seas for business to pick these rugs up. Whatever it may be these rugs hold a special place in their hearts.”

“Area rug cleaning is an art form that cannot be rushed. I value and take very seriously the unmistakable trust people put in me and my company to care for a memory and I’d even go so far to say another member of their family. When someone uses our company we have that thought process and belief behind everything we do.”

Deland is a loyal husband to his wife JoAnn and father of four beautiful children: Addyson, Joseph, Oliver and Georgia. They currently live in Lake Mary, FL. Their rug cleaning plant is located near Historic Longwood.

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