Beljik Rugs

If you are buying a rug for the first time (or buying one after doing some research for the first time), you have probably discovered that there are a wide variety of rug styles and types. From Persian to Beljik rugs, there is a rug that fits everyone’s needs. This is the third post in a series of five posts, each featuring a different style. This post will introduce you to the Beljik rug.

Beljik rugs are known as one of the finest of all tribal-style rugs. They have more than 400 knots per square inch and are composed of Senna knots, using finely-spun wool. One characteristic of a Beljik rug is the color—they are made using 4-7 colors, consisting of various shades of deep reds, blues and blacks. They have 2 fringe edges and 2 bound edges, and sometimes have detailed needlework along the edges.   The rugs themselves have intricate geometric patters, and the borders are complex.

Beljik rugs take a while to produce. 4-5 experienced artisans working 5-6 hours a day will take approximately 18 monts to complete a 9’x12’ Beljik rug.

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