Kids. They are our pride and joy, but they can wreak havoc on our homes. Especially our rugs. Whether it is a leaky diaper, juice from their sippy cups, or crayons and markers used to create the masterpieces that we hang on our fridges, some of the worst stains our rugs sustain come from our kids. This blog post will present ways to protect your rugs from your kids.

  1. Create a no-shoe rule. If you start this when they are young, they will grow up with the habit and it will be more likely to stick. Shoes track in all sorts of things that are hard on rugs, and kids’ shoes track in even more. You can prevent this by having all shoes removed at the door. Another way to help prevent the things that get tracked in is by using door mats.
  1. Vacuum often and get your rugs cleaned regularly.
  1. Consider scotchguarding your rugs. Much like the paints that you can use for your wall that let you just wash off the marker or crayons, scotchguard, or similar products, can help your rugs resist the stains from spills that inevitably will occur.

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