Stay Put!

One of the biggest struggles people have with their area rugs is keeping them in place. Some rugs shift or slide, and become displaced, making the room they are in seem a little off, design-wise. Here are some tips from your Orlando rug cleaning specialists for keeping your rugs in place:


-The heavier the rug (meaning the higher the knot-density), the less likely you will have this problem. It is the more lightweight rugs that tend to shift.


-If you have the area rug laid on top of a non-carpeted flooring, like tile or hardwood, you can buy a non-slip rug pad to put underneath it. This pad will add friction, securing the area rug to the place where it was laid.


-If you have the area rug laid on top of a carpeted flooring, it is a little more difficult to prevent the shifting. The non-slip rug pad only works effectively on hard surfaces. The only effective thing that we have found to help resolve the shifting issue is to anchor the area rug by putting the edges of the rug under pieces of furniture. Keep in mind, though, that if the carpet does shift, it will likely have small buckles in the rug. Be sure to flatten these immediately, or they turn into creases.


For more information about the care and maintenance of your Persian rug, contact Persian River Rug Cleaning today!

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