The Persian Rug

If you are buying a rug for the first time (or buying one after doing some research for the first time), you have probably discovered that there are a wide variety of rug styles and types. From Persian to Beljik rugs, there is a rug that fits everyone’s needs. This is the final post in a series of five posts, each featuring a different style. This post will introduce you to the Persian rug.


Persian rugs are the quintessential Oriental rugs. While called a “Persian” rug, it actually hails from Pakistan, not Iran, the area that Persia originally covered. They are known by their intricacy, knot-density and symbolism. They use 15-25 colors in each rug to create the intricate floral design and a pronounced center medallion. There is also an intricate repeating pattern throughout the background of the rug.


Between the floral design the medallion and the intricate background, there is so much detail that a high knot density is required, which results in a very high-quality rug. It generally has over 500 knots per square inch, sometimes reached numbers of 800-1250 for specialty rugs. It would take 4-5 experienced artisans 8-12-14 months to create a 9’x12’ rug, if they worked 5-6 hour days.


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