Treat Your Rugs to a Professional Cleaning

“In this world, nothing can be said to be certain except death and taxes.” –Benjamin Franklin

Today is the last day to file your taxes, so if you have not done them yet, take the time to either get them in the mail, or file for an extension. Meanwhile, if you are expecting a refund, take some time to think about what you will use it for. Maybe a project around that house that you have been wanting to get done? Maybe a down payment on that new (or new-to-you) car? Maybe paying off one of your student loans? There are a lot of options. Another thing to consider is getting your rugs and upholstery cleaned.

Take a little bit of that refund and put it toward something that is likely overdue: a professional cleaning of your rugs and/or upholstered furniture. Regular professional cleaning is important for the maintenance and upkeep of your rugs and furniture. Over time, dirt and debris builds up in the fibers of the rug, and a deep cleaning is important to get those things out, before they degrade the quality of the fibers.

Call Persian River—your Orlando rug cleaning specialist—to schedule a service appointment today!

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